Bringing you personalized and custom gifts for all your event needs. Looking to take this shop full time, so i'm dedicated to 5 start service and products. Finding quality gifts so you don't have to, and helping you make them a sweet and irreplaceable gift. Leave your friends and family a lifelong memory everytime they use the heartfelt gift you found here on ZapLabs.

A bit about the owner.Fell in love with craft, particularly woodworking in high school woodshop (2010). My life has been built around learning new things and applying them as best i can. In mid 2018 I decided to hit the gas pedal and build my tinker hobby craft skills into something I could eventually run full time.For a long while I wanted a cnc machine but knew they could get very involved (SCARY). As part of starting the business I decided to gain that skillset. Purchased an inexpensive DYI router CNC with laser combo, a small, limited machine to learn with. I ended up falling in love with the laser applications to my future business and have slowly been adapting my workspace and business around the potential of these machines.As this process has continued I've truly come to enjoy the act of bringing someone personalized products, in such an interesting way.

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